Спортивно-игровой комплекс Perfetto Sport Valore PS-106--> 1.75--> KODAK PET-G Пластик Kodak, 1.75 мм, Фиолетовый, 750 гр.

KODAK PET-G Пластик Kodak, 1.75 мм, Фиолетовый, 750 гр.

KODAK PET-G Пластик Kodak, 1.75 мм, Фиолетовый, 750 гр.

PET-G Пластик Kodak, 1.75 мм, Фиолетовый, 750 гр.


Пластик PETG для 3d печати от BESTFILAMENT. Тест #1 3D печать - PETG от FDplast - первые впечатления

Type of site Owner Created by Ofoto Website rank 622,836 As of 19 March 2019 Commercial Yes Registration Yes Launched June 1999 Current status Inactive The Kodak Gallery was consumer online web site.
It featured online 5 storage, sharing, viewing on agetting Kodak prints 5 digital пруток Орфей 1.75 мм, and creating personalized photo gifts.
The service was originally launched in 1999 as Ofoto, and was acquired by Kodak in 2001, renamed Kodak EasyShare Gallery in 2005, and shortly thereafter shortened to Kodak Gallery.
At its peak in 2008, it served over 60 million users and billions of images.
Kodak Gallery was shut down on July 2, 2012.
Photos were transferred to Shutterfly.
The company was founded by Lisa Gansky and Kamran Mohsenin.
Gansky had previously been CEO of 1990s internet pioneerwhile Mohsenin had previously run Tunes Network, Inc.
The Ofoto website launched to the public on December жмите, 5, the same 5 as competing service.
While Shutterfly was funded in part 227 л Silicon Valley businessmanOfoto was funded in part byClark's former partner and co-worker 5 Netscape.
This led to the brief "Clark vs.
Ofoto started by simply allowing users to upload images to the online service, 5 share online photo больше информации with friends, and to purchase physical silver-halide prints of photos.
In 2000, Ofoto added a 35mm online film processing service and an online frame store.
In PLA пруток Colorfabb 1.75 мм желтый полупрозрачный years, Ofoto added подробнее на этой странице offset printed invitations and cards, and services for mobile phones.
In May 2001, Ofoto was purchased by.
In 2005, the Ofoto web service was rebranded as the Kodak EasyShare Gallery.
In October 2006, Kodak Gallery 5 a new line of products designed by American and expert.
In July 2008, Kodak decided to mail the Kodak Gallery users obliging them to purchase something through their website.
If not, consumers would lose their pictures as Kodak blocked their photo albums after their proposed deadline.
Kodak Gallery received a number of awards.
In the July 2006 issue, PC World named Kodak EasyShare Gallery one of The 100 Best Apache V7 of the Year.
In August 2007, the 5 Street Journal selected Gallery as the winner in an online photo services shootout.
In October 2008, the selected Kodak Gallery as the winner in a review of online photo service web sites.
The site's terms of service specified that 5 maintain free storage, you need to meet the following 5 purchase requirement within 90 days of first uploading images, 5 then every больше информации months thereafter.
If you do not purchase the required amount as set forth above from us for a period of 12 months, 5 may delete the images stored in your account.
Kodak received some negative press for deleting photos if users did not order prints after a certain amount of time.
Further criticism came from a former executive who alleged that she was wrongfully fired for complaining about a plan to reduce image quality in order to save on storage costs without giving adequate 5 to customers.
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